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Public Figure. Har Har Mahadev Hindu Temple. Jyotish the light of God Personal Blog. Radhamma Politician. Pages Liked by This Page. Recent Post by Page. On that date, individual rekhas of planets had maximum rekhas for those planets whose Vimshottari was running. Hence, more rekhas in 8H from Shani indicate averting death and accidents and increase in longevity.

It is wrong to suppose that any single planet is related to accidents. Auspicious and inauspicious fruits should be known from sthaana rekhaa and karana dots respectively. No version of BPHS says bindu is auspicious. The most extensive writings of Devarshi Narada are available in Narada Purana which explains all six Vedaangas, including all three skandhas branches of Jyotisha. There, rekhaa is auspicious and bindu is inauspicious, as in all ancient texts like BPHS and nadi granthas.

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This Puraana can be freely downloaded from Maharshi Institute of Management's website, but its commentary is out of print. Summarised Hindi commentary is available from Gitapress Gorakhpur , in which Jyotisha portion has been translated exhaustively i. While rekhas Ilines and bindus dots are to be determines with reference to rasis in gochara as well as in birthchart, the bhaavachalita chart at the time of event, i. Here is one example :. At the time of my mother's death due to an accident when I was 14 years, my Vimshottari had Jupiter's MD.

Jupiter's BAV with natal Jupiter as lagna had gochara Jupiter in 3H which is malefic, and this 3H had only 3 rekhas which is inauspicious. But in 4H from Jupiter, debilitated neecha Ketu was sitting, while neecha Moon and neecha Rahu were sitting in opposite 10H from Jupiter and were aspecting 4H, and 4L Venus was also neecha.

There were five neecha planets at that time.

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When all major pointers are malefic or all are benefic for some particular house, event related to that house becomes a certainty. Problem arises for weak events for which various charts give conflicting results and we have to compare their strengths which is highly troublesome and requires much experience. In popular parlance, Gochara is the placement of current planets with respect to natal Moon.

There is a wrong conception that Lunar Gochara is distinct from AshtakaVarga. Some novices are spreading the idea that Gochara is more important than and unrelated to AshtakaVarga, because Gochara is more used than AshtakaVarga by astrologers. Such persons have never tried to compare Gochara with respect to AshtakaVarga. This table shows that the so-called Lunar Gochara is actually taken from Ashtaka-Varga.

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