Leo horoscope for february 12

Never judge people.

Leo Horoscope - Love for February 12,

Always friendly, hospitable, helpful. Thanks to this, they have a wide circle of acquaintances and friends.

Not possessing the makings in the field of art, technology, social sciences, they achieve success in any craft. Motivation and the desire to live every day move them better and better. Aquarius, whose birthday falls on February 12, is expecting a fabulous love life.

Leo Weekly Horoscope February 12 -19 2018 Astrology & Tarot

They are sensitive, understanding, knowing what the partner wants lovers. However, they are poorly versed in people, being influenced by love feelings.

Entering into a marriage, often disappointed. Choosing a life partner make hasty decisions.

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Having fallen in love with appearance, they turn a blind eye to the character of the lover. In family affairs, they are responsible, always ready to help their soulmate with home obligations. However, partners could be looking to you for support — which might make life complicated! Astrology is all about choices, and right now you must decide between a course of blatant self-interest and a path of self-sacrifice and service to others.

You see, although compromise is not always your strong point, it is necessary. As the Sun moves towards another encounter with Mars over the coming two weeks, you will approach a break with the past, possibly severing one particular involvement.

February 12th Birthday Horoscope 12222-2020

On the surface you can be so charming, and everything seems to be going so well. But life is never that straightforward, and you must accept that in part you are driven by irritation or resentment about the past. The emphasis is on the lighter side of life, which should come as a relief. Soon you will be in important business management associated with profitable purchases and sales.

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Love The cycle that has started can cause confusion and make you see love where it does not exist. Do not give your heart to the first one that comes up filling your head with false hopes.


You must be very careful and never confuse friendship with something else. You are already warned, now it is your part. Phrase of the day: I will do what my principles and my heart tell me, I will not be asking everyone if what I do is right or wrong. Health Start a busy and complicated season in your daily scenario so go organizing your schedules so that you do not find yourself without knowing what to do and your time is diluted in many activities that affect your health. Work This work week that you have in front of you will be labor movements and there may be a new manager, boss or responsible in your company.

Money and Luck A phone call or an email will change the direction of your economic path by contacting those who can represent extra income in your budget. Cosmic dynamics that you should take advantage of: the disposition that you are putting in front of a new situation.